3DM-GQ7 Documentation Center

Product Description

The 3DM-GQ7 is a high-performance, tactical-grade GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System(GNSS/INS) that combines MEMS inertial sensors with dual multi-frequency GNSS receivers for use in a wide range of applications. Common use cases include unmanned vehicle navigation, robotic control, platform stabilization, motion tracking and analysis, vehicle health monitoring, and device aiming.


Key features

  • Advanced, tightly coupled Extended Kalman Filter for sensor fusion
  • RTK support for centimeter-level positioning accuracy
  • Dual antenna heading for accurate heading measurements immune to magnetic disturbances
  • Fully temperature compensated IMU mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system
  • External aiding input support for a wheel speed sensor, external GNSS, and more
  • Event triggering system for precision time alignment with external devices


Internal sensors

  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis gyroscope
  • 3 axis magnetometer
  • Pressure altimeter
  • Dual GNSS receivers